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Spiritual Companions
Rooted in Centering Prayer

Spiritual companionship, also called spiritual direction, is an age-old process of listening to the heart of another as they seek the intention of the Divine within the deep recesses of the self. It is for anyone yearning for the Divine. Sometimes this desire appears as a sense of longing for something greater or a sense of discontent with the status quo. God is the one, true “director,” working constantly, actively, powerfully in the very midst of our ordinary, everyday routines and life circumstances. A spiritual companion relationship is one way to help us pay attention to this Divine work.

It usually is a multi-session commitment, depending on the need or desire.  Meetings are about an hour long and scheduled every four to six weeks. However, frequency depends on what works best for each person. 


We have created a downloadable directory of Spiritual Companions that you may contact.  Click the button following for your complimentary copy.

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